Rewire 1

Since coming to Overstay Jaffa Hostel, I've met a few interesting people on their personal journey in this land. It's been enlightening to realise ways I adapt to new ecosystems, and this seems like a good time to stock take what I have done; what I have been through in the past one week.

I have been feeling stressed to find a short breakaway. Everything is ramping up, but there isn't a way to pull up a guilt-free moment of travel, of discovery. Maybe that's why some of us in this batch are too eager to find our own rooms, our own space. It's easier to catch a breather when you're alone, without company.

At Rewire, I've seen how driven the teams are, and how close people do get and are willing to share. What I haven't seen is the rough side of them, the side of when people become machines and react to everything around them. The side that maybe people didn't know lives in them.

A lot of things around here get done by focus time, you see most people optimising for work flows and efficiency. What is difficult to observe is how they prioritise time for rest. They treat it equally to time for work, it's their way of life.

I'm shocked that there are still so many things on my mind, and none of them are prioritised the same way when in Singapore. Finances, purpose, solving problems.

Today I just wanted to share my fascination with people I've met and their approach to life.

Music - Oceans (Where feet may fail, Instrumental)