I'm at university, where I used to identify mainly as a prestigious track for any student in pursuit of a well-rounded life. It's not quite the path of glory as I thought it was, but it's one lightly filled with opportunities to aspirations.

These opportunities, while abundant, are quite difficult to come by for the average student. An average student- aimlessly moving through the mid-tier echelon of education, will miss many risky but handsomely rewarding chances to a satisfying learning journey.

Being an average student is easy, one simply bears a safety-first mindset. Take the A-giving modules. Place your studies first, choosing it over other considerations often. De-prioritise people you meet in class. Hold your breath when professors engage you. Forget family.

All learning opportunities will lead to deeper journeys: take them and always lean into the first-time at each intersection. Putting my mind on the learning and application has made me see difficult choices I have taken in a good light.

University is quite a beaten path, it is in no means the road to a good life, but a well-rounded journey to noticing how different each person can be- a lesson in diversity. Afterall, one will must learn how to escape the average in order to bloom, or fail very hard in the strive for success- only to find the average life.

I am grateful to witness the people with bright passions, they remind me that fighting the average makes a fruitful journey. Unless university becomes the median, I highly recommend your consideration to take this interesting battle through self-discovery.