🎈 hansel



Things should just work.

Like creating a new post and publishing it without the boiler plate YAML should just work, so automation takes care of a default YAML to add - fields to print.

The default page should be added. If its missing, a new one should be added. Some automation I can add to ensure that things <u>just work</u>.

If I say UX is important, and my target audience is expected to want things to work without frills, then yes.

That was really random, but its a note to self.


This past week I’ve met with Xiuwen, and then Chester. Also getting a bit more into music listening again. I demo’d this to Xiuwen, but it didn’t go quite well because the mobile experience didn’t go smoothly. During that demo, it looked like some things didn’t work, but in the background, they actually did. I only realised that much later, but it restored some faith in the automation I had worked in great detail for 3 months. Maybe I should have shown it to Chester to gather some feedback.

The Notion integration has been working well though, great enough experience for me to flip up my phone to pen down thoughts daily. I should also try out using Notion AI writing notes.

I started updating Strava and LinkedIn again, figured I should go bold and just put my name out there again. I took the bicycle out for a long needed spin, though I learnt that no one should fill a bottle of fizzy drink (even 100 plus) and stow it on the bicycle’s bottle holder. It fizzled and spilled out onto the crank.

Was cool to do an activity more intense than hiking this week with Chester. I bonked out though, maybe should be more intentional about the meeting, preparation and routing. Cycling without eating and running fasted is actually a big no no, I didn’t see this second bonk coming but I should have. Its nice to talk shop, though I see how I can see certain people I cannot mention here in good light. I wonder what is wrong with my bias? I think I have a weird leaning. So back to the route, it was pretty nice to run and feel the high energy in the CBD area, but it was also scorching hot and the ascents were unexpected. On the cycle back I could see the heat waves forming on the road. Was packed with tourists at the Merlion park too! Drinks at MBS were actually so expensive.

I saw a reddit thread about Japan opening visas for graduates 5 years fresh. I think I should consider it, because I consider myself a lover of 4-seasons and the pacing in slower parts of Japan. Also, a fresh start, that seems nice. I’ll have to pick up the language again, and freshen up my outlook on this supposed career path I’m supposed to have. I think I’m going to bed now and just read back on these notes tomorrow. Run in the morning and then head to the National Library?