🎈 hansel


New Goals

After a review of data stored in various bins, an amalgamation of decades of information concluded onto a single 500gb drive. This effort includes de duplication, inspection, sorting and cleaning up the file structures.

Lending from my move away from subscription services and time hogging apps much like you witness in “digital cleansing”, I’m beginning to see some tangible benefits to all this work.

Firstly, jogging down memory lane with clear evidence of how I used to be versus how I thought I was. Secondly, everything being clearer- to find, to exist neatly. Lastly, freeing up space- both physically and temperamentally.

Moving onto newer projects like managing the refined data about myself responsibly, setting up systems to backup and store data for ease of retrieval, maintenance and processing too!

Next, actually reflecting on myself and the person I have always thought to become. I can see better with the data about myself in the past. And my current estimation is that I have been responsible to my being, having shifted personal trajectories and actively choosing communities to inject myself into and eject from.

One such place I have left is Instagram. One new area I’m starting on is being physically active. Maybe I’ll run a marathon next year.