🎈 hansel



Been some time since I thought to stop. Maybe I’m ready, maybe I’ve healed. The dawning of a new chapter, the closing of an old.

Starting this year was a huge effort to change my lifestyle, from fitness to wellness, thoughts and friends, family and aspirations. So many things, but I started with one: sleeping well. That meant going to bed early so I can get up to catch an early sunrise.

That took a while, then came learning handy skills and repairing bicycles. Then jogging consistently. Which brought my weight down, and back problems away.

It’s amazing isn’t it? Everything is chained, fix one fix all. But break one, and you might break all.

Looking for my friends, both from young and now, made me see how life is vast. We were once all budding kids, sharing some common environment, but now we’ve grown- in personality, thoughts, and even distance. But our characters, they remain quite remarkably the same. I meant the mannerisms, the outlook, the pensiveness, the care. People reveal a lot of themselves, but time bares all.

Next time I’ll tell you about my friends and my thoughts. Goodnight!