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There are a few great resources, but only one of which come straight from the co-founder of Notion, from Jake himself.

He has written a framework for using Notion as a CMS in great detail, covered with documentation, tests and an entire monorepo spine to go along with that! Click here (repo) and here (write up) to see more.

And then this guy comes along and makes a script to upload to Cloudinary, seen here (POC on Github) and here (write up).

And then there’s Cozy, another guy working at Notion. Read how he setup his Notion blog, here.

Sometimes it seems to be a small part of a system, so small it makes no sense to exist. Anyway, I can fully takeaway from the details of implementation and thought process here, as a friend puts it:

Nothing better than someone else with a problem similar to yours that they’ve overcome

Here is Cloudflare Pages’ method of processing images (is it free though?)

It uses a combination of KV to store frequently read information, Durable Object for dynamic updating. Though, I don’t fully understand how this works. Thankfully, Macarthur has a write up here on how it all works.

Also, more cool automation stuff! Being able to deploy locally using the follow commands looks to cut the dev feedback loop.

npm install wrangler@beta

# Serve a directory
npx wrangler pages dev ./public

This has become a problem for another day.