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This hot new thing

What Astronot is. (And what it is not.)

Much of this project as a CMS+Blog front has been deeply inspired by two similar projects:

  • Astro-notion by DuroCodes
  • Astronotion by ekafyi

While implementing one of the two, the refusal to work at all got the better of me after half a day - most possibly due to invisible pre-requisites that I hadn’t figured out from its accompanying documentation.

The other had no instructions on where to start, and on a separate note, possibly relied on plugins built by an unofficial API which was historically the go-to place but now that an official Notion API performs well, times have moved.

I found this a great opportunity to build on the official API, and to focus on the onboarding process as the main game-changing approach to build a better experience, first for myself, then for my friends, and include everyone who wanted to begin their writing journey on Markdown.

In the coming days, I will begin with the documentation writing to onboard new users in a complete zero to one journey, to setup and begin writing their first post. Eventually, I hope to familiarise new users to modifying their own designs to make the entire experience unique to their liking (and hopefully others they may be writing for).

In summary, Astronot is a simple, no frills start up process. And not another CMS combination to fuss into.