We have parted ways at the last class of the semester. Perhaps, I'll summarise this module quickly.

This is a business-facing module, expect formalities and weaknesses, scoring for each person and as a group. In the final class, I agree with Mathew that the upside is easy to say compared to the downside. To top it off, the downside is more necessary to bring up to encourage improvement. Lastly, with any criticism, feedback has to be put constructively and objectively.

Front row (L-R): Chek Hui, Shiu, Yiwen, Donna, Lin Hui, Ai Fen, Kai Ning, Dawn, Hong Chew, Jeremy, Angela  
Back row (L-R): Sheikh, Tian Le, Clarence, Nicholas, Mathew  
Absent: Erica, Yan  

More about our class, Mathew had a great time teaching us but I remain slightly skeptical about that. Across the groups, we have small connections - much less than in Sylvia's class, where the differences in groups are more pronounced.

The uniqueness of Mathew's class is how we are silently helping one another, whereas in Sylvia's, it sometimes feel like we are competing, boasting our strengths. My doubt in how "we are a great class" to teach, is built on how there is a certain awkwardness in class. The kind of careful tip-toeing watching out not to step on someone else's toes. I think it tipped past pleasantries after our photo session today.

Nevertheless, I have strong impressions of each classmate, and they may have the same, because we've all seen our developments through presentations and pitches. I've always thought that there is something about professionalism and speech that I should be learning from the way each classmate presents.

I wrote a bunch of other notes intended for this post, but chose this other tangent, it highlights the life in the class and each person's impact on the class.

Thanks for the journey, and till we see each other in professional work, see ya!