We're in the final stretch of this module and there's just one remaining slice of the pie. The start up pitch ended with me considering the usefulness of taking this module: am I better equipped to pitch? The answer is yes.

Here's what I learnt.

  1. VCs look for Value, Team, Market, Customer Aquisition.
  2. Numbers and statistics to show our projections.
  3. Concise answers to questions are the way to go. Formulate the answer in the mind before speaking.
  4. Avoid saying 'you' during presentation. Too personal.
  5. Be clear with presentational content (slides).

Our 360 is on Friday.
I've got some general comments on how a good appraisal system would be.

  1. Start with a round of introduction (names and roles). One line that best describes your role, if this start up were an actual company.
  2. Take feedback as a learning tool.
  3. Ask questions and tell others about expectations met, exceeded or unmet.
  4. For each member, all other members will take a turn to speak about a particular feature, then move to the next member.
  5. Stress on behaviours.
  6. Stress on competency.
  7. Avoid talking about skills.

Our choice of talking points are:


  1. To what extend can you be depended on to keep your commitments?
  2. Can you provide an example of a time when you demonstrated reliability?

Interpersonal skills

  1. When working with co-workers, what interpersonal skills do you demonstrate?
  2. Have you experienced any problems interpersonally with the rest of your group?
  3. How would you recommend that you improve your interpersonal and relationship building skills?
  4. Do you effectively communicate so that you are clear on your message, meaning, and what is needed from you?

Time management

  1. Can you provide an overall picture of how effective you are at managing your time?
  2. Do you attend team and other meetings in a timely fashion on a regular basis? Or, are you consistently late?
  3. How timely are you about the completion of commitments and assignments?
  4. Do you prioritize action items and work, in general, and then, follow through on the priorities you set?
  5. Are the priorities that you select the appropriate priorities?