One of the thoughts I've had during the start of this semester is: why do I have to redo lessons in writing and presentations?

Six weeks in, I have realised that there is much more to writing off-the-cuff and presenting with passion and joy. There is a professional side to these presentational elements that I have yet to master.

Writing and presenting in teams, with members who have different styles, is another barrier to producing what is conceived as good work. Many times I have had to shift my perspective to understand our disagreements. And it is from these, I learn.

From the late hours which we never fail to commit for group work, to the quality of work each person is able to produce, I have no doubt that we are willing to contribute our talents in different capacities. It is fairly obvious that everyone has room to improve, the key is how we point each of us to these areas.

A reminder to look out for:
The 5 core competencies driven by 2 principles.

(Principles of being goal-oriented and receiver-centric)

Core competencies:

  1. Professional
  2. Persuasive
  3. Clear
  4. Concise
  5. Evidence-driven