One of the thoughts I've had during the start of this semester is: why do I have to redo lessons in writing and presentations? Six weeks in, I have realised that there is much more to writing off-the-cuff and presenting with passion and joy. There is a professional side to

Taking questions is a difficult process because they require in order of apparentness- ingesting, understanding and discernment. Let me share a lesson from two weeks ago, week 4 of the school semester. "I do not think incentives and rewards can be a good use to achieve better performance." We were

Hello I'm at university, where I used to identify mainly as a prestigious track for any student in pursuit of a well-rounded life. It's not quite the path of glory as I thought it was, but it's one lightly filled with opportunities to aspirations. These opportunities, while abundant, are quite

Let's try something new, outside of the norm and with great style. After much delay, I bring to you a little personal space to dwell - where I write and contemplate the ups and downs. Mostly, this will be a place to organise and calm the storm. Little vehicles in