Rewire 1

Since coming to Overstay Jaffa Hostel, I've met a few interesting people on their personal journey in this land. It's been enlightening to realise ways I adapt to new ecosystems, and this seems like a good time to stock take what I have done; what I have been through in

We have parted ways at the last class of the semester. Perhaps, I'll summarise this module quickly. This is a business-facing module, expect formalities and weaknesses, scoring for each person and as a group. In the final class, I agree with Mathew that the upside is easy to say compared

Intercultural, interpersonal, feedback and EQ skills Business correspondence assignment IT Start up Infographic proposal + in-class writing assignment Persuasive oral presentation skills IT Start Up pitch assignment

We're in the final stretch of this module and there's just one remaining slice of the pie. The start up pitch ended with me considering the usefulness of taking this module: am I better equipped to pitch? The answer is yes. Here's what I learnt. VCs look for Value, Team,

One of the thoughts I've had during the start of this semester is: why do I have to redo lessons in writing and presentations? Six weeks in, I have realised that there is much more to writing off-the-cuff and presenting with passion and joy. There is a professional side to